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The search for good groups is always an exciting activity. First, a longlist is drawn up, after which groups are contacted. If the price is 'within budget', then we can move on. If not, we thank them and move on to look for groups.
These six Swedes did want to perform at Stemvork and the price did not prove to be an insurmountable stumbling block either, although quite steep... But after some back and forth negotiations, they ended up on the shortlist, which had to be reduced to four groups by the Stemvork board. 
After the negotiation round and their place on the shortlist, the Stemvork chairman hoped that this group would make it to the 'final measurement'. Not because of their prize, but because they are really good... Watch and especially: listen to their video.

Ze stellen zich graag persoonlijk aan je voor:

AORA is a multi-award-winning vocal group from Stockholm, Sweden. Formed in 2016, the group has participated in several tours, festivals and competitions across Europe, earning a highly respected name in the brilliant world of a cappella. With original music praised for its recognisable lyrics and arrangements, these Swedish harmonisers take their audiences on a journey through the musical landscapes of folk, pop and jazz. In 2022, they released their debut EP "Puls" ("Pulse"), featuring original music in their native language. Pulse illustrates the everyday thoughts, feelings and dilemmas you encounter so often in your life. An example of this is "Jag lovar" ("I promise"), the first single, in which AORA tackles the ever so recognisable subject of everyday promises. Through powerful vocals and recognisable lyrics, Pulse takes the listener through a wide range of themes where the common thread is the pulse.

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