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Rock4   I   The Netherlands

For several years now, we have been trying to snare these canaries. And finally we succeeded! In fact, one of these four gentlemen also organises an a cappella festival in Hungary that almost always coincides with our edition.... almost. But not this edition, that is.
The group's name reflects their repertoire. They draw with strong arrangements from the quasi-infinite range of rock songs and, with their four voices and rock-solid, self-written arrangements, they also know how to perform them very beautifully. In the a cappella world, they are a byword for quality! We open that you can enjoy it too!

Rock4 wil jullie graag iets zeggen...

Rock4 is a Dutch vocal group that likes to experiment with well-known pop and rock songs, without ever missing musical instruments. With great humour, they present a range of carefully arranged, colourful songs in which four voices beautifully fuse Rock4's unmistakable style. A style that has earned them international recognition in recent years and is sure to surprise and captivate audiences.

Rock4's music is not standard vocal music. Each song is carefully analysed and reduced to its essence and built from there into an almost new song. The line-up of Rock4: Miklós Németh, the charismatic base singer Lucas Blommers, who adds a warm classical tenor sound, Phillip Schröter as a rhythmic baritone, and - last but not least - singer Luc Devens with his impressive solos.

Beautiful arrangements and intense singing have led them to bridge the gap between rock music and theatre. They never just copy any song, but they are always looking for a distinctive approach to music. Their music is not merely meant to entertain, but to truly move you.

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