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  • What is a cappella?
    Wikipedia teaches us, "A cappella (Italian: a cappella, from alla cappella, in the manner of the chapel) is a musical term for singing without instrumental accompaniment..." We can say it is a style of music in which only the human voice is used.

  • What is the Stemvorkfestival?
    A biennial, international festival featuring concerts by a cappella ensembles.

  • Where and when does it take place?
    The next edition will take place at voestalpine Sadef, Bruggestraat 200 in Hooglede-Gits on 28 September 2024. Doors open at 5pm, concerts start from 6pm.

  • How does the festival work?  [here you can find an overview schedule].
    A bit like any other festival: you buy a ticket, enter the festival grounds and choose what your schedule is throughout the evening. It's not one stage, but four stages scattered around the site. Four groups perform there two by two, each on their own stage/location. They sing four 20-minute concerts. Between each concert, each group has a 30-minute break. That gives you a chance to see another group at work.
    Once you get there, it's really quite simple. We give you a floor plan of the site which also shows the order of the concerts. Moreover, there are many helpers walking around who will be happy to show you the way if you should have any problems.

  • Is it all 'walkable'?
    All distances are always perfectly walkable, even for less mobile people. We also ensure that all locations are easily accessible for everyone.

  • Where can I buy a ticket?
    As soon as ticket sales start, a click on this link will connect you to Ticketwinkel, which manages
    manages our tickets.

  • How much does a ticket cost?
    Our tickets cost 30 euros pp. With that, you can go and see and listen to all the concerts. And if you can't get enough of one particular one, even several times.

  • Is there also the possibility of a snack, a drink?
    Yes there is. Various snacks and drinks will be available all evening on and in the "Eetstraat."

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