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Just Vox   I   Belgium

... heet je welkom op hún manier!

Home-grown talent? That is also one of our benchmarks and people who know us a bit know that too.... We have found that quality again. In no time at all, these four singers and a rock-solid beatboxer from Brussels, under the name Just Vox, have grown into a group that can break into the a cappella world. 
At the bottom of this page you will find a video in which they present themselves.

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© Guy Schotte

The human voice has no limits. Our four singers explore the full potential of their vocal timbre and are not only voices but also guitars, bass guitar, trumpets, keyboard. Their vocal chords thus become a real orchestra and offer a completely unique musical moment. Our beatboxer completes this vocal orchestra. Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion that focuses mainly on producing drum beats, rhythm, music sounds and sound effects using the mouth, lips, tongue and voice.

A unique a cappella moment that is sure to delight you! Four voices and a beatboxer, each with their own universe of possibilities, become one whole. Their speciality is to reinterpret well-known songs of different genres with original arrangements, offering an unprecedented repertoire. With their energy, these singers will take you on a journey through time and styles and let you enjoy a true musical spectacle full of harmonies and a touch of humour. Discover the popular classics again and in a whole new way!

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